What do girls look for regarding body type/size in guys?

Just wondering what girls find to be the most ideal body type.
How tall? Muscular? shoulders/ back/butt/legs anything you want to include,


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  • I prefer my guys to be taller than me but not extremely tall. My current boyfriend is an exception because he's 6 feet (so 9 inches taller than me) but I like guys who are between 5'8 and 5'11.

    I've always liked long hair (my boyfriend's is about his shoulder blades now) so to me, this guy is extremely attractive: 33.media.tumblr.com/.../...pKX1qczmzbo2_r1_250.gif

    I don't really like muscular guys. A bit of muscle is fine but I likely wouldn't be attracted to a body builder. I prefer guys not necessarily be scrawny but a slim guy is attractive. I think the brawniest guy I've found attractive is Kit Harrington or Chris Evans (I don't usually find guys like Chris Evans attractive but he's such a sweet guy it's hard not to like him).

    It's definitely a bonus if a guy has a good ass. This is probably one of the best asses I've seen on a guy: 33.media.tumblr.com/...lxza62kQHL1qduyeio1_500.png

    I'm not really very good at describing things so I'll leave you with the fact that my latest celebrity crush is a guy called Luke Newberry: pbs.twimg.com/media/BmVe8RDIYAEQLPM.jpg:medium because I think he's adorable.


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  • Tall enough for me to wear heels. Low body fat + muscular. Broad shoulders, tight butt, doesn't have to be tight as. Legs need hair, unless they are at monkey stage. Depends, which hair suits who. Different styles suit everyone differently.

  • Well Im 5'4 so i like my guy To Be around 5'6 And 5'7. I Also Like My Guy To Be Uhh How can i Say This... Not do muscular lol. I Really dont find Muscles Attractive, But Thats Just Me.

  • I like my man to have a little belly or athletic and between 5'7 - 6'2

  • over 5'8, dark hair, lean/muscular.


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