I really want things to work out with my boyfriend, help! What do I do?

So i've been with my boyfriend (officially) for about three weeks now and we're doing well, but sometimes he acts distant. For example, he'll take two days to reply to my text or just go MIA. It upsets me when he does this and I freak out. I don't want him to break up with me. He's my first official boyfriend and I want us to work out. I don't know what to do, should I ask him why he's distant or give him his space?


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  • Just ask him that you wonder why it sometimes takes days to reply if it really disturbs you that much. If you 2 text ALOT, then you shouldn't even have to worry about it, everyone likes a break once in a while. If you let a kid loose in a candy shop for a week, he won't even come near candy the next day. I don't know how your relationship started, so I can't be too precise with my answer :)

    I also have some awkward texting lately. I know she likes me but she's the kind of person that just reads a message and doesn't reply if she doesn't have anything to say about it. Your guy might be thesame. :p


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  • It is inexcusable to just disappear for days at a time. Talk to him about it. Tell him that you don't like it and that he needs to stop. If he doesn't, break up with him.

    • Do you think he wants me to break up with him?

    • I do not know. This is why you need to just talk to him and figure things out.

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  • I think that you should talk to him about to him about it and let him know how you feel if you don' say anything then he won't know that it bothers you and if you do tell him and he still does it then you should not be with someone that won't reply to a text or call you for 2 days that is not acceptable for a couple to not speak to each other everyday at least text.

  • Oooo yea There Could Be multiply Reasons Why He's Doing That. All
    Ima Say is How About YOU Go MIA for a Few Days And Dont Respond Back To Him. Make Him Miss You, Hopefully He'll Come around And Stop Acting Like That.

    • Yeah, don't listen to this advice.

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    • I Gave My Opinion... But Choose What You want To Do.

    • Thank you guys! I really appreciate the advice :)

  • It's not ok and if he's this distant early it will get worse later. I would break up