Any date ideas? Not a dinner?

Just something casual but not like a dinner. Maybe something like a movie... Be creative plz!


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  • Oh goodness, there are so many date ideas out there! It just depends on the people who are doing it, what their style is, and what options you have in your environment/area. Beach ideas: walk on the beach, picnic on the beach (maybe under the stars?), a game on the beach, moonlight swimming. Go to a park: barbeque, playground (throwback to elementary school days), play a game there, walk in the park. You can go to a new restaurant or any food place that's new or interesting for you two to try. You can sight-see like a museum, park, flower gardens. Go see a play/musical/show somewhere. Go to the movies. It could be indoors, outdoors, 3D, at home, on your computer (idea, drive somewhere and bring a blanket and lay it out and watch a movie together on the blanket). You can set up some sort of scavenger hunt to get to know the other person. You can do this thing called a "penny date": one of you thinks of a number, the other person guesses and how ever many digits you are from the actual number is how many times you'll flip a coin. Start out driving somewhere and flip the coin (as many times as you determined beforehand through guessing the number thing) when you come to an intersection: heads is right, tails is left. Once you're done, you'll end up somewhere - find something to do in that place.

    You can do self-portraits of the other person, karaoke night, take a dance/ballroom lesson. Go golfing, go bowling, go sledding, go skiing, go snowboarding, go hiking, go biking. Go to the fair or an amusement park or a carnival. Go boating, kayaking, or fishing together. If you wanted to stay home, watch movies together. Play board games. Cook/bake a recipe together. Build a fort (depending on how creative and silly you're feeling). Dance to loud music together, pretend like you both are really good at that. Make crafts, have fun!

    There are so many options, it all depends on who's involved and what y'all wanna do! Once you get a basic idea you can always spice it up!


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  • Dear Blonde,

    There are many choices but in the end the choice is yours. Try to pick something that will ensure you get to know him/her as much as possible but most importantly that you both have fun. This could be anything from having a romantic dinner to going the the bowling alley. Watching a moving is very advantageous as you will be watching a movie rather than talking and connecting. I do hope this gave you some ideas and I wish you luck!

    Kind regards,


  • ok creative I can do this

    how about some some casual shark ridding with some clay piggion shotting :P?

    but all jokking aside just try looking online for sme casual ideas or even just go for a walk to a place have a look around could be part of a date may even make it a bit more intresting

  • play video games together... stupid dinners and movies are so ordinary

  • I thought you were "taking a break"?


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