My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months, as far as we went is fingering.. he wants to take the next step but I don't know what we could do?

anything would help thanks


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  • I'm pretty sure that if he wants to take the next step he's got something in his mind already. Make sure this isn't some guy that hits on anyone that has boobs..

  • I don't know. In the U. S. anything more is considered statuary rape. If you're under 18. I surely wouldn't go all the way. Now I know people experiment, I did when I was younger, but it was not more then feeling each other. I never did what you did, not that it's wrong. People are people and are curious. I've known parents that once they found out their child was sexually active, they went to the cops and tried to get the male friend arrested for rape. They also got lawyers. I don't know what ended up happening cause I lost track. If you do anything more, maybe just oral, just be safe and use protection. And realize that people talk, people don't keep secrets. Your reputation will be affected. I'am not saying you should do more, I'd say no and wait. If he likes you he'd wait and not push you. Again, realize that in the U. S., there are laws that can bite you if you're under 18.


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