Are woman really serious when they state their looking for someone sincere, honest and up front?

I am 40 and new to online dating. I posted a sarcastic but sincere bio and have matched up. When I tell them my intentions, the line goes cold. No, I am not asking for sex. Actually I am asking for someone to spend quality time with and hang out. At this point I am confused.
Can you woman please help me out here? I am not going to a church or bar to look for some spend time with?


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  • Online dating has rules. After viewing other profiles you start to be compared to that persons previous views of what they are looking for or profiles they seen. Obvious right. Pulling the sarcastic card can be difficult it takes talent. Yes you can state in your profile "I'm sarcastic or sarcastic personality" most of the time it comes off as being too picky, rude or even in a bad state of mind because of previous women. If you pulled this successfully, your profile should leave a smile or laugh. With response like " I like your profile. "That's so true or funny. If your really seeking assistance you should be more specific.
    What your saying is a turn off. Try saying the same thing using different words :)


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  • Maybe they think you are lying. I appreciate the qualities you just stated

  • Some are and some aren't. You need to use your own judgement to read between the lines


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