Whats going on in his head?

okay so this is long

i met this guy and literally seemed like the perfect guy, sweet funny and cute. so we got to talking more and more online and started flirting and then the next time i saw him he sat with his arm around me. then when we ended up going to the movies we spent the whole time cuddling. we used to talk a lot and everything and after our date where we kissed he told me he loved me and wants to get to know we better before we are offical. we barley talk anymore and i always have to message him and he doesn't try to keep the conversation going or anything and when I've almost given up he messages me telling me how much he misses me and loves me and can't wait to see me in a week. last night i was upset and talking to him for one of our actual conversations and he told me he loved me and to never forget it then he said he was upset and going and i asked why and he wouldn't tell me and i messaged him telling him im here for him and he "saw" it and didn't reply and because i was pissed off for mixed signals i sent thanks for replying and he said i just want to be alone and i said sorry for worrying about you i just want to know if your okay and he goes i am, thanks and i see his activity popping up in my news feed where he's commenting on statuses and girls photos and seeming perfectly happy

whats going on in his head?


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  • hmmmm this sounds sticky ….. maybe he does really like you but he is not sure because of what ever reason! it may be an ex giving him shit or it maybe something personal if he won't open up you can't force him but what you need to do now is not focus on the negatives and focus on the positives and the positives are that he is telling you he loves talking to you ! don't push him or he will run for the hills focus on yourself you go and be as happy as he seems to be but don't fake it love yourself first then him second or you will make the mistakes that i have made recently! I'm not telling you to give up on him just don't push relax and time will tell!! it will be hard but stay strong and write down the positives of everything his says to you and just focus on them not the negatives good luck


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  • I think he lead you on a little and is trying to not hurt you but guys are rubbish at saying sorry I don't think we are going to carry on. I can't be totally sure but that's what I think is going on here. You must ask him out right so you can move on and find somebody nice.

    • everytime i bring up anything like that he goes "no i love talking to you! you mean the world to me i never want to lose you, you are the most important thing to me, i love you <3"

  • There could be another girl he's trying to get and keeping you as a back up. You dont deserve to be treated like that and I think you should try and find someone new.

  • Well, looks like yet another girl fell for yet another jerk... not that unique. Don't know what to tell you, move on? Look, he used you, don't know whether it was on purpose or not, but I tell you the same crap people think makes me feel better, pretend to be happy and you'll believe it, and one day you'll meet some magic dream guy or some crap and he'll take you onto his magical freakin unicorn, at least, that's what people tell me, except about girls.


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