I am shy and the girl I like is shy?

I have recently been in interested in this girl and I am having a hard time going up and talking to her, I notice she is shy around me and I don't know how to approach her. I have notice my friends helped me talk to her and she similes and walks away quietly. I have met her once in the summer spoke to her for few hours and got her contact info and I did text her for 6 hrs one night but now days she is quiet I haven't had the courage to go up to her either. I texted her recently about her day and how she is she replied pretty good and then i continued to text but no reply. How should approach this problem?


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  • you don't approach the problem you approach her. If she is shy she is waiting for you to make the move. the faster you make the move the faster you will fix the problem. You can't get the girl if you don't try more. ( If you still can't approach her leave her a note. A well written one that doesn't have spelling mistakes. Its better then texting because it has more value that you took time to write it by hand.)


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  • Confront. Its better to act than not to act and lose her right? Eitherway it won't gonna kill u >.>