I am 16, never been in a relationship, a little scared to I guess.

I want a bf whos caring senstove and no one in my grade is interested in me I think because I act really hard infront of them can u help please please


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  • Don't worry about changing yourself if anyone has told you to do that. Just be yourself and someone will come to like you for who you are. If your being someone your not and then get into a relationship, would you be happy. Every man is different and are into many kinds of women. Just be yourself and the kind of man your looking for will show up. That's when you make your move to be with him. Also don't look at being hard as a bad thing, there are many guys out there who are looking for girls that are vulnerable (easy to get with) so that they can manipulate them, but I'm not saying that's always the case. Like I said, every man is different. As I was saying, being hard will possibly help you find the man who's willing to go the extra mile for you and actually try and gain your acceptance, because your going to be the one he was looking for. Again just be yourself and keep looking, you'll definitely find him, and if it doesn't happen now, you will later. You just got to keep searching. I hope this helps you!


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  • Well, here's something you can try. It works when I try it with girls, so why wouldn't it work for guys, right? Sit somewhere close to them (even sitting in front of a guy is fine). Ask for their name and ask them something (ask something school-related if you're scared). Give them your name. Now that you've talked to him once, talk to him again when you get the chance. If you see him talking to someone before or after class, join in. If you feel comfortable enough, ask him if he wants to chat in a free period or break. Whatever you do, stop acting hard around guys. If you don't, any guys that might be interested will just look for another girl. Hope this helped. Ask if you need more advice.

    • Thank u thats good advice
      Our school and my family is a little strict about getting to comfortable with bo

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    • please dont get me wrong
      I mean like talking to a guy without hesitation or freely

    • I guess that's just the culture you live in. I can only give you advice from a West-European viewpoint, so please don't blame me if any of the things I told you to do break any of the rules of your school/parents.

  • You need to loosen up. Make yourself available smile a lot and try to be playful. Dont be afraid to talk with guys put yourself out their you'll be fine.

  • What do you mean when you say you act really hard?

    • I mean strict I keep my distance dont be to soft or flirty I dont want to give a stupid idea in there brains

  • You should wait until you're older. It will be better


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