Why a very shy guy avoids me after saying that I like him? What to do?

Why a very shy guy avoids me after saying that i like him?
Ok he never had gf, is nice to me, stares at me, feels awkward when we stay alone. all proves he likes me too. But he avoids to date me. all the time he makes exuses not to meet. He texted me it would be great to meet and then said he is shy, but will try. Fter that he makes excuse not to meet.
Soon i will go abroad and there won't be no chance to see.
What to do? I really dont want to loose him.


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  • Im in a situation almost exactly the same as this, but where im the guy. I told the girl im shy, said we should meet up sometime, but we havn't becuase I was too vague about when asking to go out, I was kind of wanting her to choose the time, and maybe she wants me to choose the time. its been two weeks since we last had contact.


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  • he's waiting for you to prove yourself, and not be someone whos going to waste his time, plus your going abroad and there won't be no chance to see each other so guys take that as if the girl is using him for the time being then when she comes back she won't want him, which is usually a common thing that happens with girls since they easily change their minds


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  • You just have to go for it! Tell him how you feel and take charge of the situation.