So this girl shows heavy interest but when I approach her after initial contact where she's delighted she always looks away?

... and won't look me in the eyes/face? Sometimes when i approach her and another girl she will let the other girl take all the conversation and turns her head away from me whilst sometimes even brushing against me with her body without looking at me


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  • She definitely likes you, but she is shy and afraid to make eye contact. Maybe she is afraid to look you in the eyes cause she is afraid that you will know how much she likes you.

    • ... but I'm not sure what more i can do, i am already taking the role of the hunter and going to places after her, joining in her conversations etc. but what good is it if she won't interact properly with me

    • Maybe you should ask her out:)?

What Guys Said 1

  • Basically people deal with social interaction differently. And there are some major body language give aways that can tell you if she is interested. My guess would be that she likes you and is shy about it but not knowing her it's hard to say. Look at some basic stuff on the internet about body language it will help with this stuff long term.