He said "we should go out to eat somewhere nice this weekend". But he hasn't called or texted me?

Haven't heard from him since he said that. He said it after we were done making out, do you think he was just trying to convince me to have sex with him by making me believe he really cares for me? Or maybe he was just busy and I'm overreacting? Maybe he forgot he even said that...

I just don't know if I should wait for him to contact me or move on? It's been a few days.


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  • He may have said it in the heat of the moment and forgotten he said it. Why not reach out to him and ask how his weekend was? Then you can mention that you were looking forward to going out.


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  • If you guys have went on three or more dates then you should contact him and say about the drinks again. If not, I think you should leave it until he contacts you


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  • I think you should have reminded him and texted him instead of waiting