Why do some men find it hard to show emotion?

Cut a long story short been seeing a guy for a year we get on well we love each other's company we tell each other things we don't even tell are closest friends !! , because we live 200 miles away from each other he can only drive down once a month to see me but I'm fine with this but we can never be serious because of distance which again I'm fine with this as I'm not wanting a relationship. He says he cares about me and worrys when I'm down I try to get close to him but it's hard as he says he can't show his emotions , he is my friend but it's a close friendship and the sex is amazing !! We text every day chat on the phone etc I do miss him and have feelings for him but not in love , I do feel he have deep feelings for me but it's so hard for him to say so he says he cares and the other night we got drunk he said he doesn't want to be used !! But we chatted and he said he would hate it if I broke all contact and met someone else as we are friends no matter what. How can I get him to open up more? I wouldn't force him I would just like to know how he really feels


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  • We're pressured into keeping our emotions to ourselves. We're insecure and need approval from other men.

  • Because if we did other men would call us pussies, so we tend to keep our emotions to ourselves.


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