Wondering if she likes me?

So i like this girl at work, we've been texting a lot lately, pretty much daily, she usually texts me first and she has recently started to call me and ask me what I'm doing or about stuff i told her earlier in the day. I asked her out but I'm not sure if she knows its a date or not but i think so because I made it clear that I wanted to spend time with her. Im just wondering if she likes me or see's me as a friend.


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  • Well, as a girl, I'd say that there is a high possibility that she likes you back. If she's texting and calling you first, wanting to know about your day and personal stuff like that, it means she is interested you (unless she is obsessed with you which I don't think is the case). I suggest you make it clear for her (if you're not sure yourself, maybe she's getting the wrong impression). Tell her how you feel, depending on how far you two have gone into your friendship, and continuously let her know that you want to spend time with her. Overall, I'm sure she has feelings for you. Don't give her wrong signals, and avoid being unclear of what you are trying to say. Try to get her to open up to you as well (so you won't get hurt in the end) because this shows your confidence and manly side! Good luck!

  • I think she likes you... And she knows that it's a date... Of course!


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