Why did he change?

So I was on vacation and I met this guy. The first night he was so sweet. I could easily say the sweetest guy I've ever met. We talked on a bench on the boardwalk for a while, then we went on the beach. My feet hurt so he carried me halfway to the pier. Since it was night it was lo-tide and we went under the pier, and talked for a while longer. We slow danced, cuddled, and held hands. Then he asked me to kiss him and I did so gladly. It felt so right. Everything just felt right, even though we had just met. When we finally stopped kissing he said "Damn girl, you take the breath out of me.", and I just laughed. Then he walked me home and we kissed good bye. The next day I texted him saying "Is it weird that I like you? And I just met you?" even though I'm pretty sure it was very obvious that I did like him. And he completely ignored it. then later that day I saw him and he completely ignored me. And he just ignored me for the rest of my vacation.


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  • I hate to say it but you might have got played, hopefully it didn't go any further than a kiss goodnight. I've never done it before, but coming from a tourist spot myself I know of these things. Tourist girls are perfect targets because they won't be around for very long, you can have fun for a few days and then they are gone. This happened to a friend of mine on a cruise with one of the employees. This may not be the case, but it is the first thing that came to my mind after reading your question.


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  • Maybe he had a girl friend and felt guilty for liking you : /