Girls, what was the setting for the most romantic date ever?

So I have been dating this lovely lady, and I wanted to lay on something special. We been on a few traditional dates and it's going well, so I wanted to show her my more romantic side. So I had planned a couple of things. I have rented a small boat we will take up the river to a set of secluded private gardens (I managed to find an owner and asked them if I could use it for a small donation) where there will be wine, nibbles, candle light, music and some blankets as sept is getting cold.
Got me thinking, it's always good to have some ideas in the bank. So what's your most romantic date?


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  • Anything with the moon and stars. Night hike and picnic?

    • Mmm, I like the outdoors approach, there is something romantic about the night sky...


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  • What you have planned sounds great she will love it!! make sure to get all her favorite food!

  • Omg that sounds perfect <3 and usually I have lots of ideas but I think I just fell in love with yours lol! You are romantic and I hope she knows she's lucky because not many men are like that


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