She doesn't want a relationship, but didn't say she didn't want to stop seeing me?

Should I distance myself if I wanted more?


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  • Depends on if you want to settle or not. If you think she's important enough that you still want her in her life, be her friend if you're comfortable with that. But if you absolutely cannot handle just being friends and you'll always want more from her, distance yourself from her entirely.

    • I guess that's the problem. We were friends first. I just don't know if distancing myself would make her realize that she made a mistake

    • You probably need distance in general just to get used to the way you'll have to interact with her going forward, should you choose to do so. You just have to figure out what works for you.

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  • I'm in the same position buddy, I've made the hard choice of moving on. She's not committing for some reason and it's not worth the extra pain and effort you may have to go through. Believe me I've been in this position for about a year now.

  • She does want a relationship. just not with you and wants to keep you around for attention, validation and to keep her happy until the man she does want comes along and then you're gonna get ditched like a used tampon.

    Ditch this bitch pronto and stay away from her.