Was it just a one night stand?

So I met a friend of a friend's at a bar we were all hanging out at. We had a good time, went back to his place, fooled around a little, and fell asleep. I really liked him, and he asked for my number, but was it just a one time thing? My friend said he's not "that guy", but come on. And can/will a guy want to date a girl who went home with him so easily?

We fooled around = didn't have sex.


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  • To him you are someone to just fool around with. You are that girl he can call up anytime for some fun and that is it. Maybe he might take you out to dinner and invite you over to watch a movie which will result into some fun. He may even let you spend the night a few times. But usually that sort of thing doesn't last long and you think its going some where but then he just stops calling/texting and when you call/text he doesn't respond or he'll respond the next day giving a lame excuse and he will promise to hang out soon. Ugh...been there once or twice lol. But hopefully he isn't "that kind of guy"...but guys really don't see girls that give it up easily as a girlfriend. Boys like the chase and it usually keeps them interested. So, if it is a one night stand then whatever, you had fun, right? Yeah, you like him but just give it some time and maybe something good will come out of it. Just don't sleep with him right away again. Make him chase after you!

    Good luck and hope it all works out =)


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  • More often then not, if a girl gives it up that easy, then the guy won't really see you as anything serious. It is possible, but if you will do that for him, then you will do it for other guys, and your status as good girlfriend material goes down.


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  • Seems like it.