Is my bf cheating on me and if so what can I do?

My bf is acting very strange, he doesn't come and visit me much anymore, sometimes he won't even call me after work like he use to and tell me he got home safe. And now he is adding new activities to his work schuedle which werent there before. He even goes out and does things and then tells me where he went. Its not like me, who tells him where im gonna go before i actually do.

I think he is cheating on me and I want to know what I could do to actually get proof that he is. Bec I have already talked to him about it, and he just denies it. Should I go spy on him when he gets off work, although i dnt know his work schuedle since he says it varies, or should I create a fake Facebook profile of a sexy looking girl and sees if he says something he shouldnt. I know all of this prob sounds crazy but I want to have actual proof, so that he'll take it seriously.



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  • This... is more complicated than it seems on the surface.

    There are multiple things going on here. You don't trust him, and you don't believe him. That is a problem. He is acting suspicious, and is apparently doing things differently without communicating with you why those changes are happening. That is also a problem.

    Here is the crux of it. If you don't trust him, you don't love him. You may have strong feelings towards him, but his actions are putting a splinter in there. Spying on him, or trying to set him up by making a fake profile... those are bad actions. Those are not actions of love, and they are not actions that will make someone else feel love. If I discovered my partner was trying to set me up like that, it would be game over. 100%.

    Your trust issues aside, it does sound like you have a reason to be suspicious. His behaviour has changed, his patterns have changed. And you don't see the reasons for those changes, so your mind is trying to find a pattern, and then find a cause that would result in those patterns. And, to be honest, another woman would cause those changes. You are right to think that.

    But if you don't trust him now, what good will finding out he did cheat do? Make you feel vindicated, I guess, but it won't make the relationship better.

    It's in the position where, if you can't trust him, if your heart is saying "I do not trust this guy, I do not believe he is being honest with me", then you should break up with him. Maybe he is cheating, maybe he isn't cheating. But you clearly don't trust him. And you can't have a healthy relationship without trust. It is not possible. And your relationship doesn't have that. Best to end it and find a new one where you can build that trust.


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  • I'm pretty sure that eventually he will screw up. Guys aren't good at cheating and having an affair as women are. If you are pretty sure that he is cheating or you are just unhappy in general with the way he is acting or treating you that is the grounds to break up with him anyway. See if you give him an ultimatum will he see you more and try to talk to you more. If he has something on the side it's going to be hard to keep up the charade of trying to commit time to two people. But again if you are unhappy then you should be thinking of a breakup regardless.

  • Oh dear, complicated stuff here. I believe that such relationship should be based in trust and confidence, so if ya trust him, and he denies he betrays ya, then ya should believe him.

    Though there's always the chance that he's lying, then, f*ck him, and go for another guy. Im sure that boyfriend of your is not irreplaceable, so don't feel for that.

    Does not sound crazy, it is completely possible and I know many people thinks as well as ya that they're being cheated on, so keep trusting yourself and your guy. If ya find out he's betraying ya, don't hesitate in leaving him. Will be the best

    Much love, dear

  • Let it go for a week or two and then see where he goes after work.

    Know one thing, if you feel that he is cheating, trust your gut, you need not verify. If he is not cheating then he is not giving you the time you need.


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  • i would say you have trust issues BUT women's intuition is pretty darn accurate. :) trust your gut and do what you got to do to reveal your man's troubles. I'd actually ask a good friend to follow him instead of you doing it for the first few times