You want to know what's crazy?

I can add girls in Facebook but prob won't get a response due to the new term "thirst" but when I'm at work, all the women are attracted to me... especially when I talk to them while on a register. I'm so sick of being single. I wish a Latino would walk in and just come to me... I know an Indian but she is SOO shy it's crazy... but she is BEAUTIFUL...😔... I hope I come across a pretty girl who wants to talk to me. Like when I talk to them, they genuinely like me... but obviously I can't ask for there number... My manager is beautiful., and I can not ask for hers, but she's always excited to see me... yes I work at Walmart.


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  • Lol this was an interesting read. .

    • Lol I do it for the ladies 😉

    • Good one :P Can you answer my recent question please? I need help! :/

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  • I use to work at walmart and you just gotta keep talking to the indian, and she'll open up to you eventually