Please help with this confusing situation?

I've been friends with this great guy for nearly three years now. Over the past six months we've become very touchy-feely towards each other. We would hug each other every time we said goodbye and he gives me forehead kisses. He would buy me little presents every now and then (nothing too expensive, just small things he knows I like. A few months ago he learned I liked him but I denied it and he also admitted he did have feelings for me but they stopped because he was afraid of ruining our friendship.

Does he still have feelings for me? The other day he gave me such a long hug and every now and then a kiss on the temple.

He doesn't act this way with our mutual female friend.

I want to ask him out, but I'm too scared I'm over analyzing this.

I'm going to take the plunge and ask him out... how does one ask a guy out? Never done it before?


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  • Well your over analytical behavior has actually lead you in the right direction even though I wouldn't advise you to over analyze too much.

    He clearly still has feelings for you and I would say take a chance. Next time he goes to kiss you on your cheek, forehead, etc... plant it on his lips. You'll never know unless you try


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  • Don't "ask him out" that would be awkward. Just find a way to become more intimate, but don't do the need until you're exclusive.

    • I kiss him on the cheek a bit he seems to like it and the hugs have been amazing

    • If you're old enough, add some alcohol to this situation. It should help with the anxiety caused from being friends. Get him alone and ask him to rub your back.

  • Go for it, sounds like you like each other

    • A majority of people are telling me to go for it but I am scared lol, :P

    • Don't be, it will work out for the best

  • ask him clearly that what he wants?


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  • You need to ask him straight out... I did this for my bf jus things like taking him food he likes or juice when he was hungover... anyway we split up but even now as friends he still hugs me that same way and kisses me on the lips or the cheek... if he has never kissed you near your lips then he is stating that its only friendship. If it was more he wouldn't be able to stop himself for going for the plunge.