I got it bad , real bad?

I recently told this older guy i was talking too that i dont wish to see him anymore. . he has 8 kids he has baby mommas , he sees me once a month , calls me to make plans then the next day flake with no excuse.. im 22 he's 39 ... im hurt because i found out he has 8 kids after we had sex etc, now he sees me when its convenient for him so i am sad and will not allow myself to be treated like that... i feel like crying because i really liked him at first and thought wed actually be more... i hate it it hurts to have someone in and out of my life like that , i dont just have sex with anyone... can't stop crying when i think about him... what should i do? Im heart broken?

What can i do to help get over him


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  • Get your shit together, woman. Make it clear you won't let him treat you thst way.
    Break it off. Block him everywhere. Do not answer calls.
    He is just using you. You deserve better


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  • pull up your big girl pants, he's a player and you just got played... move on


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  • Stop seeing him ur going to get an std

  • First step: go to the doctor and get checked for STD's
    Second step: grow up and treat yo self