Im type who would like to call a woman at least twice a day and text her but most women dont like it?

I like it this way im addicted to women voice when i love her or like her but noticed that only few women like that , i would like to call her before going to sleep when i wake up , but only girls i met online like it girls who i meet in reality hate it and play hard to get shit , what should i do I've been single for two years and i miss this kind of stuff how can i find a woman like me again?


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  • There's no need to ring someone in the morning, a lot people aren't that great in the morning. I don't see why you'd need to ring somebody every single day unless it was a long distance relationship. It sounds like you need to just relax.

  • It depends on what's in the conversation. If it's just random crap wih no point, it becomes boring.


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