How do I go about kissing him first?

I'm dating this guy who is scared he's going to mess things up with me. Because of this he's afraid to make any moves. I know this because we have a mutual friend he tells everything to.

Anyway, she told me I need to be the one to kiss him first, because he wants to. He's just afraid I don't want to yet.

I have never had a relationship, only been on dates with guys. I've been kissed several times, but I've never been the first one to kiss unless I've been drunk. Pretty sad haha

But anyway, what exactly do I do? What's the right setting? Like when we hug when he drops me off at home?


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  • The best times I have had is when the woman just grabbed me and said "I really want to do this.." and just kissed me. That happened a couple of times right at the beginning of our 2nd date. so it didn't have a chance to get weird or both of us thinking about it. just bam. then I took over from there, or they would kiss me sometimes.

    otherwise just lean in and kiss him.


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  • Haha, this sounds exactly like me... I was scared to death to do anything because I was sure she would get offended, and I'd lose her. I eventually went for it... but she kinda steered me into it. She sent me a text the day before and kinda made a joke about how if haven't even kissed her yet... this gave me the wye that she was ready and made me scared that I I didn't make a move I'd lose her, while still making me feel like I was in power...

    You should give this a try

  • Tell him it's okay if he messes up. A messed up kiss wouldn't ruin your relationship.


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  • I know you both must want it but don't force it to come, and don't think about making it so perfect, the moment will naturally come and you will know it's the perfect time to make the move! :)