Are library dates any fun?

I'm thinking of doing a library date. But obviously, libraries are such quiet places, and reading is such an individual activity, that I wonder if it is any fun at all?

Thanks to Mea13 for the idea of a coffee shop, I decided to go grab books from the library before going to Starbucks for a reading date.


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  • I would go with bookstore date. Most larger bookstores have a coffee shop too and are located near places to eat.

    Given, I have never heard of a library date but I would consider it a fun idea. I guess it depends on the person and how well you know her. If it was someone I had gone on several dates with before or was in a relationship with, then I would be cool with it. But if it was someone I had just meant I would want to get to know them more on dates by talking.

    It is something different. That matters a lot to some people.

    • Thanks for your detailed comments! I knew her beforehand since we are ex-colleagues. And your idea for a coffee shop date is perfect! We can joke and talk freely without getting rude stares from the librarian and getting chased out! There's a Starbucks nearby the location I'd planned, this is so gonna be perfect. Thanks!!!

    • No problem, good luck!


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  • I used to go on library dates with a guy I really liked and it was magical - not because we were at the library but because I liked him and he liked me. Sometimes he would grab the book I was reading and I would have to chase him for it which led to wrestling matches. Other times I would take books I was reading and use it as an excuse to talk about the social pressures I felt in life and I love talking about my problems with people. I also got to know him a lot better when I compared my life style to the life style of characters that I read about in books and we got into debates about politics there. We also wrote poetry together and everyday he would bring a chess board to the library and we would mock each other saying "I'm better than you at chest" "you know I'm going to beat you" "you know I'm going to win this game don't you" "I'm the best etc..." I loved to watch the way he would dance and move around the room and I loved the clothes he wore - I probably remember every single outfit I ever saw him in because he was SO HOT!!!

    • This is exactly what i thought of! It could be so fun and romantic! That is, until I remembered libraries are such quiet places. :/ But I think I'd do coffee cafes instead.

  • I wouldn't do it. If you're wanting somewhere to read, go somewhere like Barnes&Noble where you can laugh and goof around. Thatd be a bit more fun.

    • Oh good idea. I'd feel bad for browsing and not buying anything though, and I suspect my girl feels the same way as me.

    • Then why not goof around for a while, then you can both pick out a book that you would think would be enjoyable and read it together? It would give you that bonding time and if one person needs to stop reading for some reason, the other can't continue. that way you still need each other to finish the book.

    • Seems pretty hard to read a book together.. Neck strain? :p

      We already agreed to go to the library and it seems pretty indecisive of me to change plans. But doing it impromptu seems less fickle, so I think I'll just cut the library short when it gets uncomfortable in there and ask her if she wants movies or the arcade or something.

  • It would be more fun to watch grass grow. At least you'd be able to talk.

    • .. ouch. Okay but i get your point, I won't make the same mistake again urgh.

  • The point of a date is to go out and get to know each other and talk... Reading next to someone would just be awkward for me.

    • Yups! But for my case, we already knew each other as colleagues and friends beforehand, so we're just trying to find ways to spend time tgt. Conversations can be settled during lunchtime.

    • Ah, okay, that makes more sense then. I thought you were thinking of a first or second date with a girl you barely know. Lol

    • Lol it's okay, thanks for your comments still anyway. :)

  • That sounds like a terrible idea.

  • You can't talk in a library? Seems counter productive.

    Book store date maybe?

    • In hindsight yes, a book store date would have been the logical choice. I made a mistake this time, dang it.

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  • That doesn't sound like a good idea for a date for the reasons you listed. It's not a good place to talk to get to know the other person, and you are just two people reading different things.

    • Yea... I had my doubts. When I asked my girl she said the idea sounds good, but I think she was just being too optimistic. :/

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    • That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't think you need to give her two-date advance notice. She can always say "I dont' really like mountain biking" or whatever you are suggesting. Then you can renegotiate.

    • I see. Alright I'll apply your advice. Probably makes things easier for me too. :)