Should I have sex with him?

So I met this guy on May 5th and he lives in UK. We kissed that one night and we exchanged numbers. Now is been about 5 months now of texting every day and speaking through Skype we talk a lot through out the day he is 3 years younger than I am but he is very mature and has his head on his shoulders. He just surprised me and sent me confirmation details that he will be coming to see me for 10 days since that's what he had left for vacation until the end of this year. I've never had sex with anyone unless I'm in a committed relationship. So with that being said I know we are going to be sleeping together for those 10 days but I don't want to have sex with him unless he commits to me. him getting tickets to come see me is not enough for me. If we do end up having sex would he no longer want to further things with us? Should I just hold on until the next time we see each other?

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  • It's very difficult to cast a coherent and meaningful vote in your poll. The choices are both the same.


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What Guys Said 3

  • sounds like u clearly want to have sex with him. so u shud.

    • Well I do but I don't want to break my rule i don't know what to do

    • one of my favorite saying is "when u do not succeed, change the definition of success" i guess this can apply here. like i always say "when u want to have sex but it goes against some stupid rule u made for urself, break the rule because who cares"

  • Question is lets say this guy was here and you could actually be in a committed relationship for the past 5 months. Would you have sex with him then? I would say see how it goes when he is here. Your obviously in some sort of relationship with this guy, its just hard because he lives overseas. I don't know if its technically breaking your rule. Its not like this guy is going to be a one night stand.

  • If you do have sex with him, do it on the final days let it build up and don't show that you're easy. He'll want you more but can't cause his got to go home, it'll also keep him thinking about you a lot afterwards. I hope it works out for you =)


What Girls Said 1

  • If you don't want to break your rule, then don't. You could talk to him, let him know that you are into him but don't want to get intimate until you are in a committed relationship. He would understand