Should I date right now? Should I wait? IDK?

Ok well im 13 and there's this guy and he has a huge crush on me and he just makes me soooo happy. I really want to go out with him, but i mean its not like were gonna get married and there's about a 10% chance that we will get married. So whats the point, but i really like him and i wanna be with him. Also i told all my friends and family that im not gonna date till high school and i promised them, and i feel like if i go out with him I'll just be breaking another promise. So what do you guys think causei just need some help with this?


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  • pfft... you're 13 don't even bring up marriage. You can dig him and hang out but it shouldn't get very serious. You can hang out with a guy and not call it a relationship and honestly it's just a title.

    If you want to date him, go ahead. Just you know... realize that you're 13 so nothing serious should happen.

    • Your right i can treat it like a relationship but not call it that. Good idea thanks


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  • do it for the experience and protect your mental health at the same time by keeping the outlook you expressed in this description. you know the chances of anything in the long run are low so just see it as a experience.

  • Im a junior in highschool but if you want to gain experience and learn so that you know what type of guy you really want, date early. But i'd hate for anyones heart to be broken because of dating early.

    • Thats whatim afraid of im still recovering from a break up 11 months ago and it lasted 10 months and i dont want to go through it again if it doesn't work out

  • You say you promised your family you wouldn't date until you reach high school. Was there a particular reason you made that promise?

    • Because i feltstupid for letting some guy break my heart. And i feel like they don't want me to have a bf right now

    • Sounds like your in a hard spot. Why don't you explain to them your feelings and ask them if they would wave the promise? Then when you meet the boy make sure you're meeting him at your house to they don't feel uncomfortable about it.

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  • Wait. You can't actually date. You can't actually GO anywhere. There's really no point. If he has such a HUGE crush on you he'll still have it in a few years.

    • Well not on dates but like school related things like football games or just in school

    • Trust me, having no where to go or having your mom drive you on dates... not good.