Do women display certain behaviours when on a date they don't like?

I went to a date with a girl. She knows I'm a PhD student. During the date I mentioned I won't finish the program. Slightly after that she took her smartphone and typed in something. I think she was kinda disappointed and emailed to her girlfriend that the date or I was shit.

Do girl sometimes do that? Emailing/messaging to her girlfriend how the date went? And when it's bad date, messaging them immediately?

  • Yes, Ii do it myself. I message to my girlfriends how the date went.
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  • I personally don't do it, but I have heard about it, that girls message to their girlfriends how the date went.
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  • No, never heard about that and never done that.
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  • other (please elaborate)
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  • idk/wanna c results
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  • Or she was just on her phone and it had nothing to do with you. Are you always this needy and down? That's mkre unattractive then you not finishing your degree


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  • I don't text while on a date; I just think it's rude. I do tell my girl friends how the date went, but that's only once it's over.

    I doubt what she texted was related to what you said though. She probably just got a text and decided (maybe unwisely) to reply to it.

  • I've heard it happen but personally, I would never have my phone on during a date. If we're on a date, time to put the phone away and focus on the date. Even if it's a bad date, you wouldn't see my phone around me!

    If I need to ever tell my best friend how a date went with another guy, I'd tell them face to face. Text messaging just doesn't work for me.

  • You're being self-conscience. I'm sure it was purely coincidence.

  • I don't do that but I think that I show it my face when I don't like something.

  • I keep my phone in my purse during the date unless I have work crap going on and then I'll tell the guy I'm sorry but have to check now and then.

    She probsbly just got a text and impulse my answered it. It's an ingrained habit for many.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well her texting is honestly never a good sign because you have her full attention if she's texting. in my opinion she could have waited to text until later. Or she was texting something completely random that had nothing to do with you. If she's one of those women who texted like 2000 times a day its possible she didn't even think about it she just did it because of muscle memory