Do you think he likes me back? What should I do?

Re recently I have moved to a new school. I love it there, I have new friends and get better grades. So mid way through the second week I started growing a physical attraction to this guy. At first he didn't notice me glancing at him or admiring him when I could but then this week (week 3) he has been looking at me when I'm not looking and we have shared eye contact for matters of seconds and I have gave him what I suppose is my flirty eye but I probably looked like shrek. His personality is beyond amazing! He is outgoing and goofy and funny and it's all just so cute. He fools around and teases one of my new friends and she says she hates him for it but I think that they might like each other and that once again I won't get the guy. I really like him, he is all I think about when I go to bed and when I get up in the morning to get dressed he is the one I dress up for. He... Is different. I think. I have a feeling that I have a chance but I know that I won't get him because 1. I'm like twice the size of all the other girls and 2. He is way out of my league. He is everything I'm not. He is super attractive (brown hair, blue eyes) unlike me who is totally not. He also plays lacrosse and is sporty while I don't even know how football works, can't skate, and can't run for a long period of time or else I pull mussels and can't breathe and that's only running our gyms length (there and back) six times! I'm way out of shape and I've been trying to fix it but it just isn't working and I don't think he will like me because I'm fat but all the glances... Give me hope. Do you think he likes me back or am I completely crazy? What should I do about it?


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  • Goofy funny guys are too shy to be forward... trust me. Those are the things we do when we flirt. You are not attractive? Boo... You are who you are telling him you are. I am sure you are attractive, yet not confident. If you are giving him glances then you are also showing him your interest and I bet you are getting just a little flush when you look away. He loves that, trust me. He is hot? Maybe he doesn't think so. Being athletic is a gift and hard work, not a sign of being a hot guy (but I am sure he is in your eyes, not taking that from you). He is part of a team of guys not the quarterback. He doesn't see himself as the standout in the bunch, or I wouldn't think so. Anyway, test him out. Ask him to do things that are just you and him things. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. But remember... just because he is a guy doesn't mean he was born with the "ask a girl out" gene. As far as him teasing your friend... he might be showing you that he is less interested in her. Just go for it. Um, not sure you wanted a guys opinion... but you got one.

    • That's the best I've ever heard. What else do you suspect about the goofy shy type? He does goof around and bug my friend a lot. I mean when we were playing around and flinging stuff at him in math he did it back and we played around and shot elastics at eachother but then again my friend was also there and she was the one shooting them but he did look at me when I was giggling at him

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  • Whoa, do not hate on yourself like that! If you really feel that way about yourself, then how can you expect other people to think you are pretty? If he does like you, then you'll just have to accept that your are attractive :P You're new, and thus exotic. It sounds like he might be into you. But he might also be into your friend. Either way one thing is certain, he's trying to get close to one of you, possibly so he can get help getting close to the one he really likes.

    • He has already been in school with Her since about pre-k or kindergarten so maybe he likes her but maybe he is just socializing with me?