MLB Game for a Date... How do I make this not a complete bust?

So I enjoy sports but I don't really follow them, nor does the man I am dating... One night at Buffalo Wild Wings I mentioned that I was wanting to go to a Baseball Game before the season ended, he agreed... I intended on buying the tickets but next thing I know, he bought us premium box seats on third base. I am not ungrateful but I just know he dished out a lot of money and now I am nervous for some reason.
So here is my question...
How do I ensure that there isn't nine innings of dullness between us? I really want him to enjoy himself...


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  • Baseball games are pretty easy dates, in my opinion. Walk around the city a bit before or after and get something to eat, browse souvenirs, people watch, drink some $12 beers, haha. Just watch out for foul balls! Head on a swivel when a pitch is coming! Taking a hot one off the melon is a guaranteed bad time! :-P

    • Lol that would be my luck... getting clunked in the head by a foul ball. $12 beers sound so appealing too haha. Thank you though. Absolutely right.

    • Haha, yup, that's a buzz kill, for sure. Right handed batters would be most likely to pull the ball that way, so extra alert if the hitter's back is to you, and closer you are to homeplate, the more aware you should be. Past the dugout towards the outfield is less likely. Your man better be on the lookout, I see guys get their spot blown up on SportsCenter for ducking and letting their date get hit, haha.
      Let him know the camera doesn't blink! :-P


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  • 1. Real baseball fans keep score. Learn how on line. It's not hard, and if your guy does not do it himself, you can fake it. If he does, you will impress the shit out of him.

    2. Baseball is the most perfect of all recreational pursuits. Watch the game. It is beautiful. If he agrees, he's a keeper. If not, he might still be salvageable.

    3. OK, perhaps you are not as big a baseball fan as I am. That's OK. You might still be a cool person. Look, this is a date. The two of you are attracted to one another. He obviously likes you, as he shelled out money for good seats. He wants to impress you. What difference does it make what he takes you to do. A bad movie? Lots of relationships have started off with that and survived. A bad restaurant? The same, and it can make for some entertaining stories. A boring poetry reading? Well that might be tougher if it is not the sort of thing you are in to and he is, but it seems that you both enjoy sports. So go. Watch the game if you are interested. Drink beer. Watch the sausage race, or whatever is on the scoreboard. Make fun of the people in the seats around you. Walk around the park. Leave early if you feel like it. If things go really well, go make out beneath the bleachers. WHO CARES? It's a date. Enjoy it. Act like you are interested in each other, and you probably will.

    • If a girl I was dating knew how to keep score at a baseball game, that would impress me. Not many people know how to do it anymore, so finding a girl that had that skill would be cool. I don't know why, but something like that would definitely turn me on. Buy hey, I'm old school

  • Well first of all enjoy yourself at the game. Second of all be prepared for asking him questions or topics that will keep you tow talking. 9 innings is a long time for a date, especially if it goes into extra innings. Make sure you tell him that you had a good time and truly mean it. He is thinking the same thing, I know I would be.

  • Just go, and have a good time at the experience. Tailgate before, eat some hotdogs, watch the game, chill and thank him for the tickets.

  • Don't worry about it! It's VERY clear that this guy definitely likes you, and it sounds like you like him too.

    He'll naturally have a good time at the game. I guarantee it! You probably will too


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