Would you ever Date in the Dark?

I don't know if this show is played outside of Canada, so I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this show called "Dating in the Dark".


I've seen all four episodes so far, and I just find it to be really fascinating! It is what the title sounds like. 3 men and 3 women all live in two ends of a huge house, and are never never allowed to come into any contact with the other sex until they are in a light sealed room. That means they can't see who they're dating AT ALL. The men and women get to know each other by touching, smelling, talking, (I guess some tasting haha) and nothing more. They only get to see one another at the end of the show, and they can decide from there if they want to continue seeing a person or not based on how they look. It's an awesome social experiment! It's so interesting to see the hunks choosing the nerdy girl next door to date before he sees what she actually looks like.

My question to you guys is; Would you ever date someone in total darkness? And what would you do if you started crushing on someone and they didn't quite look the way you expected?

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  • I would totally try this out (though I am still a bit young for the show) and I like to think that the looks wouldn't change my decision if I liked the person. But, I don't know, the way he looked would definately change the way I felt a little bit, cause I think you need to have some physical attraction in a relationship.


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  • It sounds like great tv, but not something I'd do on my own. And since I'm Deaf, I'm not sure I'd be much of a dater. Now if it was purely physical (sarcasm), then yes. :)


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  • Id never want to take part in something like that.