How long should I wait before asking him out?

Like how long do you need to know the guy in order to ask him out?
2 weeks?
3 weeks?
4 weeks?

PS. I have known him for about 4 weeks now.


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  • Unless he is this shy guy, sweetie, and it's been a month of Mondays, he should have been the One to Initiate the 'Asking,' Not you.
    But to find out which leg you stand on, go ahead and merely Find out if he would like to hang out some time. If he hymns and haws, making lame excuses, then you know this is going nowhere but dead in the water. But if he responds with a smile and some joy to boot, then he was most likely feeling you out to make sure you wanted to 'hang out,' and was nurturing and nursing your friendship Since Day One.
    Good luck. xx

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    • Okay, then shy but This kind of guy... Yes, I have a cousin who is like this... These tend to be the intelligent ones, so a push by you would most likely be helpful... Give it a try... xx

    • Thanks for letting me lend a helping hand, sweetie, hope you are okay... xxoo

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  • Ok from experience the longer you wait the more likely they will move on. When I was younger I would wait 2-3 weeks to ask out a girl and in that time they meet someone new. I would wait max 3 days.

    • I know it's stupid but when I ask guys out they say no so now I feel like if the guy actually likes me then he'll do the asking.

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    • I don't though. I'm just scared of rejection and everyone I know keeps telling me to wait for the guy to do the asking. Being a modern day woman is tough because other girls like to put you down for wanting to "man up" and ask the guy out.

    • You need to stop worrying about other women, just worry about what you want. Believe me rejection is tough that's why a lot of men are very choosy with who they approach.

  • definitely less than a week

  • Just long enough to know you want to ask him out. Don't over think it.

  • Tomorrow...

    • I've known him for about 4 weeks now. Is that good enough? I think he may like me back.

    • If you get that feeling about him... go for it. Many of us guys are too shy to make that step. Go for it and keep us posted...

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  • Try to be as fast as possible.. he might find someone else (: