Would strippers or former strippers make good girlfriends?

On one hand, they must be comfortable with their appearance, but would they able to be monogamous and trusted? Are they generally happy, or are they depressed and really find men in general disgusting? I dated one once and was very attracted to her, but we just didn't hit it off and she seemed kind of messed up under the surface.


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  • I actually have dated one, and I've also gotten to know a lot of her friends who were strippers just through hanging out with them outside of the clubs.. Honestly, a lot of them just do it for the money. Some of these girls are making over $10,000 a month cash... Most live two very different lives, one is their work life, and the other is when they are outside of the club. It's crazy the transformation I've seen and if you are okay with the idea that she dances, or used to dance and people saw her naked then you should be fine. Just make sure she doesn't have any kind of big issues, like drug habits, or psychotic issues.. Some do. Others are just normal. It was kind of a turn on sometimes to see her up on stage dancing for other guys. She knew I was watching and would put on a show for me, it just made it way more intense and would get things started for when we got home afterwards.


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  • Now you have to take a step back not look at the stereotype that all women who strip/dance have came from seriously bad backgrounds for example. Abused, made homeless, drug addicts etc. I know a few woman who have good jobs a good upbringing and work two nights dancing cause they like money and like to spend it as quick as make it. that doea not mean they cannot be in a loving commited relationship with someone and just cause they look the part it does not mean they dont have insecurities and parts of them they dont like. No one is perfect and tbh no one feels perfect. But when someone genuinely cares for you all those things that bothered you about yourself dont seem that important anymore. Everybody wants to be loved and cared for and just cause they strip/dance does not mean they dont want these things too. Hope this helps


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  • Some might. Lol... I don't plan on dating one but some are actually pretty committed to their significant others.