Girls: Has a guy ever asked you out, you ask for time to think about it. Do you eventually answer... or do you wait for him to ask you out again?

I've heard some girls will wait for you to ask you out again.

I want to get your take.

Anyone else?


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  • I wait. Its uncomfortable because its weird going up and just saying yes because I don't know if he still wants to go out or not. Here, go up to her, look her in the eyes and ask only if she's made a decision yet. If she says she has and doesn't answer with a yes or no, ask her out again. Girls like it when guys take control. That's why I wait.

    • So you think I should ask her out again?

    • I think you should ask her second time after some reasonable period of time and then let her do the rest:) and for sure don't ask her third time

    • Yes ask her out again " hey I really like you and I want to take you out. Don't make me take no for an answer" "come on one date and we'll see where it goes from there"


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  • I want him to ask again. This exact thing happened to me over the summer.

    But yeah, I'm too shy to go and say "So let's do the dating thing" or not, so I'd rather him ask again.

  • If a girl asks for time to think about it and doesn't reply, she probably doesn't wanna go out with you. That's my interpretation ^^

  • It depends on how u ask.
    -in person, yes we do and the answer is usually (YES) because of confidence.
    -over text, not really because we never know if you are the one who sent it or not.
    -over note, usually but we dont reply as fast as when its in person 67% of the time (yes)

  • If i asked for time to think about it and never answered i wouldn't be interested. But i wouldn't do that. Im not gonna keep a guy waiting for an answer. If i wasn't interested id just say no


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  • I would move on, seriously. If she isn't interested, she's not interested.