Why I date this guy and he didn't tell me his last name?

He had alrdy knew my name cause he told me before. When i tell that i want to get to know his full name too? But he didn't tell me, i only knew his first name. We been meeting each other quite sometimes but he didn't get in touch with me by calling me & whatsapp me. Only his free and have a little time for me then he will make plans for me. And also we been out only for 2 dates and its goes well? but there's a lot kisses n touch going on there when we watch movies in cinema and also he didn't talk that much with me cause he told me he was so tired from work. He will make plans again to see me if his free, How can i know that how long, his ready to make his move to be his girlfriend seriously? and tell me he loves me. Cause i am waiting for him to speak up.


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  • If he loves you, he should tell you rather than be evasive.


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  • You sound more like the chick on the side to me