What would you do if you pretty much met your ideal partner but they wanted to get married pretty quickly and you didn't?

is it worth starting to date someone like that if you know you might want different things? I'm only 23


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  • Seems that's what's happening all too often, hence the rising divorce rates

    • so, no, in other words? haha :P

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    • I do feel like we are very opposite funnily enough! Thanks for your advice :)

    • Divorce is OK, just not for rich people or people with kids.


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  • Why not put your cards on the table. Tell them you like them so there is no need to rush. Things went too fast for me and I was in a miserable marriage for way too long. If someone cards enough to marry you, they should care enough to date you for two years first (this is the minimum amount of time I recommend before marriage). If they seem like the right person, then work it out, but by all means don't rush.

    • Thanks for your reply. Thing is, it's freaked me out a bit I guess that I've only just met him really an he starts talking about marriage... though I gues it's good he knows what he wants, right? Maybe this is just a bridge to cross if I were to develop a more serious relationship with him

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    • Thanks!

    • No problem. You'll do fine - you are thinking. That's better than a lot of us when we were in that position. (c:

  • 23 is a good age to get marry for a girl. You don't need to be whoring around, you won't find in many guys anything that you won't find on a single guy. Marriage is cool because you can have sex without condoms and is OK to come inside, plus you get to do the same person over and over again so they really get to know you and you really get to know them and sex is much better that way.

    • Well I'm not religious or anything so I can still find out whether I am really sexual compatible with this guy before rushing into marriage. Which I think is just as important as working out whether we are emotionally and intellectually compatible. Thanks for your input :)

    • It has nothing to do with finding out if you are sexually compatible or not, I find that to be a lie, anyone with a penis is compatible with anyone with a vagina. That was not my point AT ALL, and who the hell mentioned religion? Not even closed as I was saying. i was talking about the advantages of monogamy for a woman. That's all!

    • I'm not sure that you understand what most people mean when they say sexually compatible, because that's not true at all. And you were talking about the advantages of monogamy from a man's perspective, not a woman's, if you refer back to your original answer. Having sex isn't 'whoring around'. It's quite evident that we disagree on this topic but that's okay. I wish you all the best

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  • I think people get married so fast I think both people need to know they are both ready and be mature enough to realize marriage is for a life time not just another step in the relationship it's so much more then that. I would definitely express that I really like them or what ever but I'd want to take it slow and not rush into something so fast and be 100% positive about taking tht step. Because over time people loose interest either that people show their true colors and that could completely turn you away from them. It's best to take it slow.

    • yes, i'm someone that wants to hopefully get married for life, not for a few years. I guess I'm worried about loosing out on someone who in a lot of ways seems perfect, but then I'm equally worried about rushing into something too fast. Thanks for your answer

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    • I have to disagree @themanhimself I mean unless you have some statistical proof. I just find in today's society people jump into marriage like it's another step in a relationship but it's not only another step in the relationship it's a step in life if your not ready and it's not 100% what you want then take your time after all marriage is for life and the success of marriages these days are highly unlikely. That's a sad truth.

    • look around no one is getting married, ofetne they even have kids and are not even married

  • Pff if he's perfect sure. I don't see why not.