Is it all about sex?

There is this Pisces guy, we met 8 months ago at a friends party and had a one night stand, but somehow few days later he called me out of nowhere and we spend a whole night together just having sex and talking in pauses. We were supposed to meet again but i stood him up a couple of times because of my strict schedule and than he stopped calling. I found a new boyfriend, he found a new girlfriend, and suddenly he started calling again wanting to cheat on his girl with me. I told him that i can't cheat and all we can do is just hang out and he still wanted to see me, but again something came up. Now I'm single again, and so is he and he is calling me again. We are seeing each other this week. But this time when I tried talking on the phone he said he doesn't want to go into philosophy with me, he wants sex. I really feel something for him, i get tingles every time he contacts me, but i don't know what he wants, and i can't see him again if it's just sex?

If it's just sex, why does he keep calling me, i know many girls chase after him and would love to be used by him?


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  • This is clearly just all about sex for him, he has even come out and said so. There is not even a question about this one, this guy cannot get much more clear in his intentions.

    Why does he keep calling you if he could find other girls? Maybe he calls them too. That doesn't matter to him. He has already had success with you, and expects that he will be able to get more. You may so no for now, but in his mind, if he just keeps at it, you will eventually say yes.

    This is 100% about sex for this guy, for sure.


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  • Yes. filler.

  • He just wants sex. He didn't stay in a relationship long because he's a player. He wanted to cheat while in a relationship, even if you got together with him, he'd stray.

  • sex sex sex sex sex bang bang bang bang bang fuck fuck fuck fuck ah ah aha ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    ok don't call me again kthankxbye MHO please

  • He just wants sex, move along


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