Cheating Men. Why is that okay?

Why do you men seem to cheat? Is it that hard to just stay with one woman?


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  • Its not okay for men to cheat. Its wrong in my mind, if you run into men like this then you need to be a better judge of character when the next guy comes around.


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  • Can you do the world a favor and do some research first?
    The most resent surveys on the topic have agreed on one thing. Both men and women cheat, but women actually cheated a small percent more! Can we please do the world a favor and use science and research rather than socially accepted prejudice.

    So i do believe it's time to flip the coun and ask "Why do women seem to cheat? Is it that hard to just stay with one man?"
    If this pissed you off, you need to stop trusting prejudices.

    But to answer why BOTH wimen and men cheat?
    some do it because they never got caught in the first place, and continued with it.
    others because the relationship has died down, and they feel unappreciated.
    some because their partner is never "in the mood" even if they try to get him/her in the mood, and they feel frustrated.
    Others again do it for revenge.
    The reasons are many.

    Dartmaul15 out.

  • Its not ok for anyone to cheat. I've never cheated and never will cheat. Im a disciplined person.

  • no but under 30 i would say a lot more common


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  • People of both genders cheat and usually it like depends both can get bored of their partner on an emotional or sexual level. But either way its not really ok but its both genders so lets not blame men

  • Men were wired to be with many women. Very few men stay faithful to their main woman. Even if they won't admit it. 50 percent of men get bored in their marriage and cheat, the other half do it because they don't get any sex. It's pathetic for a woman to stay faithful in a long term relationship.

    I know this because I spoke to many cheating men.