How to make the first move and ask him out?

Im close friends with a guy and I have a strong feeling he likes me otherwise why would he hug me and kiss me on the forehead? He can also get playful with me too. Are these signs? And should I make the first move in asking him out? We meet up a couple of times a week already every week.


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  • Go straight to the point... stay qyiet for a few seconsa and either say "hey I've liked ypu for a long time but i really can't stand not knowing how you feel about me". or what i did "what would you say if i told you i like you?" Yeah im cheezy... so the guy i confesed to is now my current bf and my first too weve bee datin a few months. Hope i was helpfull and dont be afraid

    • how did you know your bf loekd you? did he ask you out or did you confess to him?

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    • Sounds like you were in the same situation i was before you confessed how did he react when you told him? Sorry for being nosey

    • Sorry to answer so late, he was really relaxed surprisingly but then later (might not give you and inmediate answer) he told me he also like me, weve been dating sinse


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  • Talk about a movie and drop a hint about a new movie coming out soon and say I so want to see that one. We should go see it together.

  • glad to hear of a girl going against tradition for once, lol, but ya just ask him for coffee


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  • do what flamexy says