Guys: how do you know that she isgo?

To your dating proposal. Do you just shoot and hope or do you need a level of knowing to ask a girl out? What


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  • You say you look really cute, i wanna take you out to here.

    When u meet a girl, especially if you are interested in her you gotta let her know you like her and wwanna take her out.

    Street pick up gets instant dates sometimes. Thats my experience amd ido this by letting them no my intentions through what im saying.

    You see, the whole point of dating is to see whether you like the person or not and wanna ttake things further. 2 people dont have to like each other to start something. If your ggame is good, you can get almost any woman. But regardless of how experienced you are you still do get rejected, so dont ttake it personal if she doesn't come out or doesn't like u.


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  • If you have no scaring concerning to lose her, you will be in security.
    I can advice you, always make emphaty and be her.


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  • One does not need a girl's approval to ask her out. Confidence is all that is needed.