Three year age difference and she throws me for an 180?

Im 22 in college graduating this semester with a 4 year degree. Been seeing this 25 year old who I've really gotten to know well and develop something for. past few days she's been quiet so I asked her what was on her mind and she said " I think your amazing, and I think we have a lot in common im just not really sure we are at the same place in our lives "... haven't heard from her since... she's 25 makes good money, is successful... i dont get it its not like i won't provide for her once I get up and going... dates were good, with great vibes... then just 2 days ago it slowed down and i asked... She knew I was in college, she knows im a genuine dude... so whats the issue here


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  • I think it is exactly what she said. You are in college and don't have a successful career yet. Once you graduate - you will still have to work at the bottom of the barrel for a couple of years before you ascend to something that pays middle class. She might want to settle down sooner or might not want to wait around to see how successful you become in your career. The closer you are - the more pressure there is to resolve these questions and it might have gotten to the point where she decided that it couldn't be resolved.


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  • If she knew those things beforehand, then that's not why she doesn't want to be with you. She may have found somebody else. Or, maybe not. I can only speculate. Something may have happened between y'all that made her realize she wants something else for her life. Being with the right person is a big thing. Your lives become one and they have to compliment each other in order to work.

  • Have you guys specifically outlined your expectations/hopes for the relationship? Maybe she thinks that you aren't ready to propose at your age, not saying that she wants you to propose anytime soon exactly, but rather that you aren't in that place in your life where you could see yourself getting married. Though from the way you asked the question I have a feeling that she's wrong there if that is what she's worried about.

    • awhh well she told me she wanted to date me, and she knows how I feel about her ( that I wanted to be with her to) and I also told her that I would do whatever it takes..

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    • I agree it's not a good reason to end a good relationship. And yes, ask her exactly what she meant when she said 'we aren't in the same place in our lives', but lead with something to soften it like telling her you miss her.

    • Maybe she was just looking for a good time when she hooked up with you. Sometimes women can be very materialistic. Sad, but true. The right girl would have waited and love you no matter what. True love= unconditional love. Is this the sort of women you want to spent the rest of your life with? Life can throw obstacles in your way, unemployment, loss, etc, you will want someone who will stand by your side through rain, hail and sunshine.

  • it think she did it bc maybe you want different things from life.. what i mean is that you are now going to finish uni and she has a job and is 25 years old.. so i guess there will be that time when she will start thinking and wanting a stable relationship, maybe getting married.. etc.. she is not gonna do that now but i mean that you are at the point you maybe want different things.. thats the only thing i can think of but if you were close then you can always ask her if you feel like you are brave enough to do so..:) good luck;-)


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