I can't kiss anymore, what's going on with me?

Ok let's just start that I'm almost 23 years old. When I say I can't kiss anymore, I mean I can't go pass a tap kiss. I remember the last passionate tongue kiss was when I was like 15. Dont get me wrong, I know how to kiss. But no matter how attracted I am to a guy ( I'm a girl btw) when that moment comes I just cant. And I see myself flirting and touching but god I don't feel that passion anymore. I'm not even nervous. For me to be intimate I need to be almost drunk where I just go with the flow, lol. I dont even get around because i dont feel anything, yet i like the guys im with. I don't know why I feel so strange and the guys don't get it. If I explain they feel like I'm making an excuse. I feel like I'm getting bitter and bitter as time goes by. I don't like affection, cuddling. I just don't like it. I'd like to be more loving but I don't know how?

Wth is wrong with me?


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  • Sounds like you're not with the right guys.


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  • some people are like that if u want the passion consider a therapist or find something that REALLY turns u on and have ure bf do it

  • Maybe you're gay?


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