My boyfriend is worrying too much about the future between us, help?

My boyfriend messaged me today and said that "he's worried about taking my virginity" because he thinks he isn't good enough for me, he thinks I deserve better... but tbh, he is the best thing that's ever happened to me, he takes care of me, loves every bit of me, knows how I feel, understands... so I just don't understand why he keeps saying stuff like that, I keep telling him that we shouldn't even worry about stuff that's going to happen in the way far future and just worry about what's happening now... so wtf, ugh... why does he do this?


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  • ure under 18 so "the best thing that ever happened to me" isn't much of a line lol... on another note he cares at least... maybe he's really worried about if hell be any good... if its that big of a problem dont have sex for a while cuddling is good enough to keep people happy for a very long time

    also... he's a guy sex is never the last thing on our mind... but if u judge us by what is in our minds ude be screwed... if he's willing to w8 then be happy as most arnt... as i said cuddle its a good replacement for sex

    i think ure both making a big deal out of nothing :P


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  • He seems too much of a gentleman which he should not be.


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  • It's a big deal and its ok he's freaking out.

    • Not if its just the beginning of a relationship, sure it's okay to worry about things, but not taking a girls Virginity because were not going to do that for awhile, sex is not the only thing in a relationship so that should be the last thing on his mind