She finds me too handsome?

having problems talking to her. she finds me to handsome, she told her aunt that in which she told me.

i find it cute and kinda uplifting but i try to come off less intimidating by being funny.

i like her a lot. when i met her friends they were all pretty shy too.


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  • If she rejects you or holds back because you're too handsome, you might wanna consider her level of self esteem. I get it, the guy I'm crushing on is insane looking. I mean gorgeous. Looking at him is like looking at the sun, brilliant. I don't feel like I am at his level of gorgeous, but if he goes for me, it's on. I think I bring enough assets (I'm not a super model like he is but I'm attractive, I'm smart, I'm fun, I'm loyal, I'm ambitious, I come from a great family, I have an awesome body, etc) that I feel like if he doesn't go for me, he would be an idiot.

    If she doesn't see herself as a whole enough package to have you because you're handsome, you might have to constantly stroke that self esteem of hers and that's no fun at all. If she is shy, with self esteem in tact, then stroke her out of her shell. Humor and curiosity as well as a willingness to be human instead of cool should do the trick. Vulnerability and showing your heart as genuine.


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  • I call bs. People just don't think that way. She's probably got another reason for her lack of interest in you.

    • call bs all you want. my uncle married her aunt. we are still talking but i guess i didn't fully talk about what happeend. she is really shy around me. she is a social with her friends but with me she acts like a little girl. i don't know what to do to make her feel more comfortable.

    • and i think she has a low self esteem. she is really pretty but was in some really bad relationships in the past.

  • Ask her out than. What does her friends have to do with it?


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  • Is called "Lover eyes" or the "Honeymoon phase" when your partner seems like the most perfect Guy/gal in the world, enjoy it.

    In other words, even when you may not be the most handsome man in the world, she sees you that way, she overlooks your "defects?" (not the correct word, but you get the idea) and only sees the thing she likes.

    As i said, enjoy it, altough i gotta admit, it is uplifting and makes you feel a lot better