Moving to the uk= getting a boyfriend?

For some reason i have a feeling that i will get a boyfriend if i move to the UK. I have been to england and Scotland and people are so much more open and friendly, and i have experienced that guys literally comes running from the other side of the road to talk to me and ask for my number. That would never happen where im from wich is Norway (people are quite cold/arogant, and asking a random person for their number si looked upon as something weird) Im applying for university in Scotland, and like i said, i feel i have a much better chance of actually getting a boyfriend if i move there.
for all i know i would be very wrong, and that i will have the same chance of getting a boyfriend there as i have here. Which is quite slim. Im not ugly at all and im quite fit. But i have some low self esteem issues and for some reason i only attract guys i dont want. So i know that i could get a boyfriend here if i really had the sosial skills and had some more self esteem. Personal wise im quite shy, but at the same time i can be very outgoing. I also like to joke around (a lot) and i can be intresting to talk (not often at all, lol). I have problems to be very open, so i use a long time to actually get to know people, or at least it takes a long time for them to know me. But i know if the right guy, that takes his time to get to know me and is outoing i can loosen up a bit, and get some more selfeestem. And i feel like a lot of english/scottish people are that way. So any scottish people that can give me som inside info? Like how the dating game goes etc. or anyone that have lived or worked in scotland that can give me an comperance to the guys in Scotland and guys from other places you have lived? Thanks in advance : )


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  • Norwegian people boys and girls, are about 15000 times more attractive than English people. That's why the cross the street to talk to you. You must look like you just stepped off the Bifrost to grace the land of Avalon with your presence.

    In Scotland, learn to drink.

    • lol! i can argree that norwegian people are much more attractive in general then people in the UK... but i have seen some attractive guys for sure there,


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  • I have heard Norwegian women are the most promiscuous in Europe, so you can't all be quite cold / arrogant.
    I have met girls form both England and Norway, and I'll say Norwegian girls are more open and approachable, but I have only met a few so it's not representative.

    PS: It's nice when you go to Scotland, you can still say in the UK :)

    • Not everyone si like that, but you can kinda sence that norewgian people in general are like "Norway is best, norwegian people are the best". Im kinda like that ( and i know its bad). People are in general really nice, but i find people from the UK more open + i just love the island, and everything is os cheap there, lol

    • Well Norway is expensive, 200 no. kr. for a pizza in Oslo, you must be kidding me... you can be pleased all the oil is on your side of Nords√łen :)

  • just have funa dn love will eventualyl find u... only impatient people like me push it along to speed it uP D:

  • Be sure to stop in London and pay me a visit.


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  • Just because a guy gives you his number doesn't mean he wants to be your bf. men cheat all the time some are even in open relationships. They may just want sex from you

    • That may be true, but they all have asked me on dates... so i dont know. And why would a guy ask me out if he didn't want to have sex with me?