Does this count as being stood up?

This guy asked when he could see me and I said Sunday. and he sent me a message saying ok :). Sunday came and nothing I did talk to him that day.. but he never brought hanging out up and then didn't answer my message.. not about meeting up. just us texting back and forth. Is that being stood up. Im not sure if I should ask.. what happened or just drop him.


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  • "Stood up" would be when he asked you out, you showed up and he didn't, this isn't the same.

    He probably got shy and kept talking, hoping you would bring up the subject... give it time... or ask him out..


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  • I've done that to people and honestly it was because I didn't really feel up for it that day and if they didn't message me I felt no guilt. Perhaps you two are both in the beginning stages of talking and you don't have a flame built yet to wear you desire to see one another more so than enjoy a relaxing Sunday watching sports, reading a book or finishing up school work from over the weekend.

    Him not texting you back thing though... Not sure how to read that. He could have just been preoccupied and moved on from the conversation to what he was doing.