I should be happy, it's just another milestone. Why does it bug me so much? So bitter?

I'm turning 24 in Dec and have never had a bf, held hands, or even kissed a boy. The last date I went on was 4 years ago and only because I made the move. Let's just say I put myself enough out there to a point where I just gave up looking or hoping anymore. I'm as virgin as a 5 yr old. I have friends in relationships, some married, and even expecting, and here I am, a college graduate working towards my Master's and wondering what it'll be like to kiss a boy. I was never the one guys went for, ever. I don't think I'm ugly, I get those stupid "honks" and guys who have gotten to know me love who I am. I dont get what it takes. I can't feel happy for friends for their marriages, or expecting babies, I just go to bed crying after each news. I hate that they've all had sex and I haven't. The only other person I've met who happened by accident is way older than I am and it would be unrealistic to pursue that relationship. What's wrong with me?

PS: don't tell me "I'm busy with school" bullshit. All my friends are on like me and theyve managed to attract guys and even marry.


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  • Well... its just a hunch, but are you too attractive for your won good? Most guys are intimidated by extremely attractive women, and they never approach such women because they think she either already has a boyfriend, or she's going to reject them anyway because of them being 'below her league'.

    • No I highly doubt that. I never get approached, not even for innocent flirting. I've resorted to lying to friends and family members into thinking "I date" just to not look like a loser.

    • In that case, you may just come off as somewhat 'conservative' person (without you knowing it), which prevents guys from approaching you. Yeah, I agree that you put yourself out there. But there's no reason to 'give up'. Even 90 year olds in hospitals find their love, so there's no need for you to push the panic button.

      I was a late bloomer too, and I had my first girlfriend (who also happened to be my last) when I was 2 months short of my 24th birthday (too bad the relationship didn't last more than a few months). Its no really a big deal. You're just being paranoid.

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  • Welcome to the club

  • How often do you think about sex?

  • I am in similar situation and I also have no idea what to do to find someone... tried on the internet but also that dissapoint me everytime.

    Sorry, there's nothing I can see to really help you but just to let you know you aren't the only one!


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