Was I being too needy? He hasn't responded!

I've been seeing a guy for a month now. He's been out of town and I asked him when he'd be back yesterday. He said today or tomorrow, he'll let me know. I forgot that I have plans tomorrow and I said, "don't want to bug you, but do you know which day you'll be back? I have plans on Wednesday and if we can't get together maybe I can just see you when you get back from Detroit on the 12th?" This was 3 hours ago. He hasn't responded at all and he always responds right away. Maybe he thought I was being needy by demanding to know when he got back? I really just wanted to know because I'm truly busy tomorrow and won't be able to see him.


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  • You could try doing something called CALLING instead of texting.

  • You just want to be with him, it isn't needy. Call him, now if he doesn't answer then its not you you should be worried about


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