How do I get him interested again?

The guy I've hooked up with a few times used to want to date me. Over the summer (after our first hookup) we texted a lot because we were in different towns. He said he wanted to date me, but backed away after a while because I said I normally don't date. Now he says he isn't down to date because he isn't good with getting hurt. We're also both pretty busy with school too. What should I do?


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  • Have a heart to heart talk with the guy and agree together what u shall do. Build the relationship.


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  • I think you should accept his stance. No dude wants to go into a relationship knowing he's going to end up hurt. But if you dont want to hurt him reassure him and maybe he'll change his mind.

    • I tried to. Next time we see each other then maybe I will tell him about how I've been hurt and that's why I was wary but now I want to try? And that I definitely have no plans to hurt him - seeing as I'm kind of incapable of doing that.

  • Talk to him, tell him what you want and show him why he should have no fear


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