Why does she follow me like this?

This girl I work with I think likes me, but it's weird. She is shy and soft spoken and I don't get it. For one thing she is married. I have a girl friend. I thought for the longest time she was into my buddy. I would see them walking and talking all the time. There were a few times I thought she might be trying to make him jealous. She would smile and me and flip her hair at me. There were times she did it right in front of my buddy, and I felt like she'd watch for his reaction or something. We worked in the same dept but we never really talked much. It wasn't until after like 4 months of working there that things got weird with her. We were all volunteering at a worksite building a house. She gets there late and runs up to my buddy first and starts working next to him, but I notice she's like flipping her hair around and smiling at me from across the way. She' shy so I thought this was odd. Later she comes over and talks to me kind of following me around and we're talking. Later she walks over and sits down next to him?

So again after the four months she starts like following me down the stairs constantly like everyday after I leave for work. Mostly she was getting out to the parking lot right behind me as I was getting into my car or driving away. It didn't seem to matter what time I left. Over time we started walking and talking together by doing this. I mentioned something to my buddy at lunch and said how it was creeping me out, and he seemed to get pissed about it. He ended up telling me she used to do this to him all the time too.

It happened for one more day then she disappeared on me and we didn't do this for like 2 months or more. I can say that I feel like I see them talking more again. Now she will occasionally do this, I don't work there as much anymore, but every once in a while I do and I'll turn around and she's behind me. What is she doing?



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  • In my opinion I think you're thinking too much into it. I think she didn't want you to feel left out and was just being friendly. So you guys talked some and maybe found out you felt weird around her then stopped. She married. She don't want you. If she's behind you then she just happened to be working behind you.


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  • It sounds like she is married, but not happy with her marriage. She is stalking you. You should definitely stay away from her. She is bad news. It also looks like she is trying to find a another to mess with to improve herself and the relationship. There is a better woman out there for you, but it is not her. Be careful and stay safe. Joy.

  • To be honest she doesn't sound very stable.. I might just kind of ignore her and move on.. She seems like she's into head games and just wants attention from everyone.. I don't think you should read too much into it.. She's probably not worth your time..

    • How do you mean she's into head games? I have kind of ignored her, but she seems to come out right behind me. It makes me think she likes me. You think this has anything to do with my buddy?

    • I mean by head games that she basically doesn't actually like you she just wants to make you like HER to boost her self esteem.. she's doing it to you and your friend.. plus she's married so really none of this matters..

    • It's really strange. I think my buddy was mean to her so she came to me.

  • A person who is looking for attention by the sound of it,

    • You don't think she's into me?

  • Uhgh I'm agreeing with most of these ladies. Its odd and she's married

    • Why is she doing it then? I don't understnad?

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