I am in love with 2 wonderful girls HELP ME!!!?

okay so i broke-up with a girl and a few days later i started talking and flirting with a other girl but now the girl i broke-up with me and her are talking things out and now i have feelings for both girls what should i do?

well never mind about this question the girl that i broke up with just said she wanted to go back to her ex


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  • The fact that you're even glancing at another girl and the fact that you have feelings of love for both kind of implies that you're not truly in love with either. Relax and see how it plays out for you. Don't get too involved with either of them again and you may find feelings fade for one of them.


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  • If you have feelings for two girls, go with the second chick. If you truly had feelings of "love" for the first chick, then you would of never went for the second click even if you'd broken up with the first. Especially considering you mentioned you were only broke up a few
    days, seems fast too move on if you "truly loved" the first chick

  • I was in love with two before. Shit sucks.


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